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"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


Sweetwater Mountains

Up in Sweetwater Canyon
A couple of weeks ago I went down past Wellington Nevada for work. We went to both the sweetwater mountains and the Pine Nut Mountains to look at some possible projects.  I have not spent much time in this area, but it is beautiful.  The road there 338, is gorgeous, it goes right between the two mountain ranges, with the sweetwaters to the west and the pine nuts to the east.  You get a gorgeous view of Bald Mountain the 4th highest mountain in the Pine Nuts. 

Since neither Dan or I have spent much time in that area, we decided to head down and checkout the sweetwaters.  The sweetwaters run north-south with the northwest end in Nevada and the southeast end in California.  We decided to hike up sweetwater canyon, which actually has a road in it, but not a road that our Subaru could handle, although a high clearance 4x4 could easily drive on it.  We were lucky we didn't see anyone out on the road or in the area.

We hiked a ways up the canyon and came to a nice, little use cabin--Nugent Cabin, is its name.  I was very impressed, people really take care of the place.  It has been kept up very well with a lot of love, so if you head up there please, please, please be sure to leave nicer than you find it--it is a great resource that we would hate to see get thrashed and/or closed.

View during the hike
Nugent Cabin
Nugent Cabin

Critter, does anyone know who it is?
Dan and Coco on the hike
Another view during the hike

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Beautiful! Is that around Smith Valley? Love, Mom