Quote of the Week, Perhaps a Bit Longer

"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


I Fell In Love With A Little Goat And That Was All

The first night we were here at Leonard Creek a mama goat had three baby goats, it turned out that she only had enough milk for two babies and was pretty much ignoring the third. We were given the third to look after and feed from a bottle. At first she lived in a box in our bathroom, where it is nice and warm and the dogs couldn't pester her. She started out pretty weak, but after sucking down a bunch of milk she livened up and is now a rambunctious little kid who likes chewing on power cords and shorts. She still sleeps in her box and hangs out in it when we leave the house, but other than that she has become quite the little house goat - we even have her house trained. We decided to name her Boddington (after the beer, because of her color) - we call her Bodie for short. She is such a sweet goat, she loves being with people and being the center of attention. Her favorite activity is jumping on the couch and attempting an aerial 360 spin as she leaps back off. Right now she is laying next to me on the sofa trying to sabotage the writing of this post. I waited to post about her because I wanted to make sure she was healthy and happy before doing so, I didn't want to have to post bad news if things didn't go well for her.

Here are some pictures of our baby goat Bodie... such a cutie pie!

Hungry for some milk

Playing on the steps

Bodie loves going for walks

What a cute face!

Update: We went back out to the desert to check the comet, the object we saw was gone so we are pretty sure it was Lulin.


danwinnemucca said...

Isn't that supposed to be "little ghost"? :) She is super goat though, now we just need to find out if she likes biking ~ I like your quote change!

Erin said...

here i thought you named her after my favorite ghost town! that's what i get for being a nerd. she's adorable. i saw a ferret on a leash the other day, didn't look as natural as a goat on a leash.

Renee said...

She's named after Bodie the ghost town too, just in a round about way. When Dan said Boddington, we both thought of calling her Bodie for short, and I said that's awesome because of the ghost town. So... it definitely played a part. :^)

Margery said...

Bodie looks adorable I can't wait to meet the little fellow! Love, Mom