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Ultimate Fun

Sorry my post is late, we drove back from Reno this morning. I would of written something yesterday, but in a moment you'll see why I didn't.

Yesterday was a great day. I love days that are simply great. Days can be great for a variety of reasons; the people, the weather, the camaraderie, the work, the passion, the effort, what you see, what you do etc, etc... Yesterday was great for all those reasons and more, the University of Nevada, Reno's (UNR) ultimate frisbee team put on a co-ed hat tournament. For those of you who don't play ultimate, a hat tournament is a tournament where the names of the players are thrown into a hat and teams are selected at random, you don't go with a team as you do in typical ultimate tourneys. The hat tourney yesterday was to raise money for the women's UNR ultimate team. This is the first year the UNR women have been able to field a full team, which is awesome. In years past the few women on the UNR team would have to play on the men's team. You see in college ultimate you only play open or women, no co-ed. Open is typically all men, you can play women too, but your women will most likely play against male players, not always a bad thing...but men do tend to have a bit of a height advantage.

Yesterday we were able to field 4 teams with 8-9 people per team, only 1-2 subs per team, which meant everyone was running a lot. Since we have been living at the ranch, we haven't been running at all and we certainly haven't been playing much frisbee. I could definitely feel the effects of not playing. My legs felt stiff and heavy, I felt like I was running in one of those dreams where you are being chased but you just can't get your legs to move as fast as you know they should be able to. Although my body wasn't up to par, I must say it felt great to run all day, even though at times I thought I might collapse. It was wonderful to see so many people out to support the UNR women and the spirit was great. There were folks of all ages, sizes and sexes and everyone appeared to be having a great time. Beyond the great play, UNR gave some funding to buy sandwiches for lunch, super yummy and then also bought us a ton of pizza, salad and chicken wings for dinner, it was grrrrrrrreat. In addition, local merchants around town donated items to be raffled off and for some reason not many people bought raffle tickets. The few of us who did ended up winning multiple prizes, a nice surprise since I never seem to win at raffles. At this raffle though, I won two tickets to an Aces game (the brand new minor league baseball team in Reno), $10.00 gift certificate to bicycle bananas, a free large pizza from Eclipse Pizza and some cool Fiveultimate wrist bands. So with a full day of frisbee and the pizza party going until 11:00 pm I was unable to get the blog updated in time to post by 9:00am this morning.

Ahhhhhhhh, to great days. May you have many!!!

P.S. I took my camera, but of course... forgot to take any pictures :^( sorry for that.


danwinnemucca said...

what an awesome day ~ except i didn't get my shorts!

Renee said...

Your shorts... you wish! My shorts :^)

Margery said...

Great days you will remember for ever. I had a day like that at a golf course and to this day think of it off and on. Love, Mom