Quote of the Week, Perhaps a Bit Longer

"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


New Found Love: Beets

I have never liked beets.

Until recently, I had only ever tried canned beets, which seemed like big lumps of tasteless jelly. However, Dan has always loved beets. While picking out veggies to plant in the garden I overlooked the beet seeds and went with typical squash, radishes, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce. It took some convincing from Dan, but I picked up a couple of packs of beets to add to our garden. I'm sooooooooo glad we did.

Recently the beets have grown to a good size and we've been picking them. I didn't want to just boil them, veggies tend to loose flavor and nutrients when you boil them, so I looked up different ways of cooking them. I chose the easiest method I found that did not involve boiling and they turned out really tasty. I took a between 7 to 8 beets placed them on some tinfoil. I then drizzled the beets with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and pepper, wrapped them up in the tinfoil and put them in a preheated oven set at 325 for an hour and a half. After they were done I let them cool and peeled them. They are then ready to add to salads or just eat as a snack.

Yum, Yum, I'm really glad I tried beets again. Fresh beets straight from the garden are delicious!!!


Margery said...

They are wonderful! Love, Mom

Erin said...

ya can't beat beets!

danwinnemucca said...

just goes to show i'm always right :)