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"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


09-06-2008 The Start of our Journey

I haven’t traveled much in the last year. I flew to Reno in December to pick up Dusty in Reno. Mom, Dusty, Ozzie and I drove across Country back to Miami Beach , other than that we pretty much stayed in South Florida. For the past year I worked for Miami Dade County as an Environmental Resource Assistant where I learned a lot about South Florida ecosystems.

I’m currently sitting in a campground at Clayton Lake State Park in New Mexico, needless to say Dan and I decided to leave South Florida – overall our time in FL was great we met an awesome group of people who we spent a lot of time BBQ’ing, listening to music, bicycling and playing Frisbee. We also went on a couple of cool Kayaking trips and saw some alligators. However, in the end Florida is not for us, it’s too hot, there are no mountains, and the outdoor activities that we love were just not easily accessible, plus we both were unhappy in our jobs.

We decided we wanted to leave Florida and start riding our bikes. So we drove to New Mexico, we wanted to start in New Mexico because when we drove through it on our way to Florida we fell in love with it. Originally we thought we would ride our bikes across the country Miami to Reno, but we decided the end of August was the wrong time of year to leave Florida on bikes, mainly because it is hot, humid and it’s in the middle of hurricane season. So we decided New Mexico was a great place to start riding our bikes.

Now that we are in New Mexico, it feels great to be in a place where the evening air cools down and you can hang outside without sweating and being uncomfortable. The puppies love it too, they have been running around chasing each other and wrestling. I did not see them do that at all in Florida – probably due to the heat. Now I’m sitting in the sun with a great view of Clayton Lake and a nice breeze blowing across my back. This feels so good!

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