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"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


09-26-2008: More Lovely Gila Loop...Not the First

Yesterday was our biggest day yet, we went 31 miles from Beaverhead Work Station to Snow Lake. Before yesterday the farthest we rode was 13 miles. Parts of the ride were steep, parts were really rocky and some parts, my favorite parts, were very nice and smooth. By the time we got to camp we were all pretty exhausted. We had a nice large dinner consisting of rice, beans and vegetable protein. It was yummy! Last night was fairly cold, but not too bad, we snuggled closely with the dogs. This morning was beautiful there was a fog over the lake and it was glowing bright with the sun just coming over the hills, such gorgeous country.

Last night Coco got a bunch of grass burs stuck in her fur and this morning we're finding them all over the tent. I think the dogs are having a great time. They run along with us when we're on dirt roads and they want to. Otherwise they ride in the doggy trailer. They bark some in the trailer, but they seem to like it. Next time we'll bring some more dog food, they've been eating more than we expected, but we still have plenty of food for now and if not we have tons of rice we can share with them.

I'm so glad to be out here on our bikes. Every weekday I think to myself "man if we didn't decide to do this I'd be at my boring job right now, wasting my life away." I'm so thankful we decided to do this. It's interesting, several people we've talked to lately have mentioned that we're not the first to do things, we're probably not the first to do the Gila Loop, we're not the first to bike with dogs, etc... etc... Being the first is not the point of what we are doing. We don't feel we need to be the first to do things, we just want to live freely doing what we want when we want to do it. Bike touring is a great way for us to accomplish that goal. Besides, it is the first time we've done these things and we cherish them regardless if someone has done them before us or not.

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