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11-21-2008: A Quick Overview of the End

Okay, it's been awhile, but the last few days of our Arizona ride were somewhat hectic. We finished our ride on the 6th. We limped into Wickenburg with Dan's back tire severely warped. We went to the u-haul company, but they only had the large 26' truck and we needed something like the 10' truck or a van or a pickup truck. So we decided not to get a u-haul, they gave us the name and numbers of the two local car rental places who might have a truck or van we could rent. It was a major pain, the first place we called were all out of vehicles and we would have to wait a few days and the second place we called wanted us to return the car back to Wickenburg which was way out of our way and since the Wickenburg branch was only open half day we had to return it by noon, which was not enough time or we would have to rent it for two days which we really didn't have the money to do. We looked into other options like taking a bus, but I guess the bus no longer stops in Wickenburg or taking a taxi, but that was unreasonable. So, I called up the second car rental place to see if we could negotiate some. In the end they said I could rent the van for longer than half day, but would have to return it to Sun City (about a half hour south of Wickenburg). The Sun City office is open until 6:00pm so as long as we returned it before then we could rent it for the day. It was a major pain in the booty and we ended up driving a ton and making no progress, which sucked, but at least it all worked out.

We are now in Reno where we have been for about two weeks. Last weekend we went to Merced for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament and this weekend we are going to Eugene for a tournament (OFUDG). It should be a lot of fun, I will finally get to meet Dan's good Friend Jesus, who wrote "Garden of Peculiarities." Dan's bike is still not fixed, hopefully it will be soon. Our good friend Wayne-O is a great bike mechanic and should be able to help us out. We've been driving too much lately, so hopefully all bike issues will be fixed soon.

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