Quote of the Week, Perhaps a Bit Longer

"The biological community is a vast and complicated system for sharing and distributing the energy of the sun among a diversity of life forms." ~Martson Bates


Special Edition: Will it or will it not?

Yesterday and today the weather has been teasing us, it has been spitting some rain at us here, then dropping a little snow on us there and then it dries up altogether. This morning we woke up to snow a little lower on the hillsides than it was before, but with nothing sticking to the valley floor...yet. It has definitely become colder over the last couple of days, I wonder if it will decided to storm or not.

Today on my walk I noticed there were not as many ducks around. I wonder if they decided to take off until it starts warming up again or if they just stayed inside their hovels a little longer than usual this morning. There were plenty of chirping birds around this morning and many coots as well, I even saw the pied-billed grebes out on our pond, but very few ducks.

Yesterday I walked up Rattlesnake Mountain and over to the Huffaker Hills trail. I noticed that there are a lot of little green plants starting to sprout up. It has been so warm lately, but I worry that they might need to return to their dormant state for just awhile longer. Like I said, it has started getting cold again and Northern Nevada is famous for it's late spring frosts and in some years we even get snow as late as early July. Don't be hasty little plants.

Oh...and it is also my boyfriend's Birthday today...Happy Birthday Daniel!!!


danwinnemucca said...

Thanks sweetie! I sort of hope it snows a bunch so we can be snowbound :)

Renee said...

Me too!

Erin said...

the plants are starting to pop out here, too. it's been oddly warm lately (according to the locals), which means we might be doing our frog study earlier than we had planned! yipes! you should come help us :)

happy birthday dan! i hope you had lots of fun.