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Romania Series: Road to the Danube Delta

Our trip to the Danube Delta started in Onesti. A Peace Corps friend of Erin's used to live in Onesti, but she was relocated to Bacau. However, she is dating a man who lives in Onesti, so she comes back often. Erin and I arrived in Onesti around dark. We met Erin's friend Megan and her boyfriend Relu at the round about and they took us to drop our stuff off at Relu's apartment. We then went to a local Bar where we met up with some of Relu's friends for drinks and papanasi. Papanasi are donuts served with sour cream and jam - they are pretty tasty. Romanians really seem to enjoy their sour cream, they eat it on all sorts of items like donuts and mamaligia, which is similar to polenta.

Erin, myself and Megan at the bar in Onesti

Some of Relu's friends at the bar

The next day we stopped by the Nadia statue and the gym where Nadia used to practice. I was a gymnast for a long time, so getting to see Nadia's old stomping (tumbling) grounds was a treat. In case you don't know, Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to ever get a perfect ten in the sport of gymnastics. Young gymnasts the world over idealize her as I did back in my gymnastics days.

The Nadia statue

Playing at the Nadia Statue

More playing at the Nadia Statue

After the Nadia statue we started our journey towards the Danube Delta. We took Relu's car, a Ford Focus. Driving in Romania is pretty crazy. There aren't any yield or stop signs and very few street lights, so it was somewhat of a free for all. And the drivers drive super fast, slamming on the brakes often. It is quite a spectacle to watch; I was glad I did not have to drive. The Peace Corps does not allow the volunteers to drive while they're serving, a rule that all the volunteers that I met were more than happy to abide.

The drive down to the delta was beautiful, with many rolling hills. We stopped for lunch at a cute pond where we enjoyed some meats, cheeses and veggies. In the city of Galati, I got to go on my very first ferry ride. In Galati, you must ferry your vehicles across the Danube River. It was a fun experience, especially since I had never done anything like it before.

Our lunch spot

Erin, Megan and Relu enjoying our lunch spot

Erin and I on the ferry

Once we crossed the Danube River we headed to Tulcea, the city where Gretel, another Peace Corps volunteer lives. In Tulcea we picked up Gretel and Suzie - Erin's friend from Ploisti and they joined us for our trip to the village of Murighiol, where we all spent two nights in a small pensiune. When we arrived at the pensiune the owner was working on pressing wine, he let us try a taste of the first wine - freshly pressed grape juice. It was really tasty and didn't upset my stomach, which it can be known to do.

Pressing wine

First wine

I'll let you know more about our stay in Murighiol in the next post.


danwinnemucca said...

Sweet. It looks like so much fun, you just seem so smiley!

Erin said...

mmm...that first wine was really tasty! i'm gonna treasure forever our silly-pose pictures.