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What the Heck, Another Fire!!!

Smoke from the fire, view from our house

Wow, northern Nevada has had its run of bad tidings these days and it just seems to keep going--it is starting to become a bit unfathomable.

Yesterday we had another major fire, yeah, that's right a major fire in late January. They are calling it the Washoe Drive Fire and are currently reporting 26 homes lost. As with the last big fire, there were raging winds all day, making the situation that much worse. US 395 was closed in both directions yesterday and is still closed today, making commuters, including my mom, drive all the way around, through Virginia City to get to and from work.

It sounds like one death is being attributed to this fire, but there are no details on it. Also, there are no details yet on how the fire started.

Again, my heart and thoughts go out to all those who were affected by this fire.

Stay strong Reno, I love you!!!

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Anonymous said...

A sad, sad, time. Love, Mom